Miley Cyrus' Family Tour Bus Catches Fire (Video)

The pop singer's sister Noah posted videos of the bus engulfed in flames.
Miley Cyrus

A tour bus carrying members of Miley Cyrus' family was charred in a dramatic fire overnight on the road, but don't worry -- everyone escaped unharmed. In footage posted by the pop star's sister Noah, the bus is seen engulfed in flames, and a close-up image shows its gutted interior.

"Bus down!" Noah Cyrus tweeted, later telling concerned fans that "everyone got out safe … everything is okay!!"

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Miley Cyrus was apparently not on the bus, which was actually being used by her mom, Tish, and not part of the pop singer's Bangerz tour, a source with knowledge of the situation tells Billboard. According to the source, the fire was started due to a blown tire.

The exact location of the incident is unclear at this time.

Miley Cyrus performed in Houston on Sunday and has shows lined up through April.

Watch Noah Cyrus' videos below:

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