'The Voice': Cher on Her 'Scary' Return to the Stage

The Voice Cher Performing - H 2013

The Voice Cher Performing - H 2013

Cher took to stage for the first time in many years on The Voice's live finale Tuesday night to perform her first single, "Woman's World," off her upcoming album, Closer to the Truth.

The fashion and music icon, who hasn't released an album in more than a decade, described the return to the stage as "scary."

"It's the first time I've been onstage or singing live -- the last time I think was with Tina [Turner] and I think that was about five or seven years ago," she tells THR. "And before that -- I can't even remember the last time I was on TV before that."

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"It's very exciting and it makes you feel elated, but it's also kind of scary. And I'm a big chicken anyway," she adds.

Closer to the Truth, which hits stores on September 24, will be her first album since 2002's Living Proof. The singer calls it an eclectic mix of music and admits that she took some risks with the project.

"I actually did a couple of different things in this album," she says. "I ventured into places I haven't gone and I really enjoyed that. I kind of took some chances in this album and then when they turned out to be good, I was really happy."

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She reveals that the first song she put on the album was actually the single, "Woman's World."

"Then Pink gave me a beautiful song. And then Mark [Taylor], the man that produced almost all of the Believe album, he came with four great songs," she says. "There was a beautiful country song that I really loved."

As for a tour, it's still a possibility.

"We're talking about it," she says.

Watch Cher's performance below.

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