The Walkmen Announce Indefinite Hiatus

The indie rockers reveal in an interview that, after their current slate of shows, the band has "no future plans whatsoever."
Arno Frugier

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After nearly 14 years as a band, The Walkmen are taking a step back from recording as a group.

The indie rockers revealed in an interview with the Washington Post that, after shows in Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia, the band has "no future plans whatsoever."

According to bassist/organist Peter Bauer, the Walkmen are not breaking up, but he does consider it a "pretty extreme hiatus."

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"I don’t think any of us wanted to write another Walkmen record," Bauer said. "Maybe that will change down the line, maybe it won’t, maybe we’ll play shows. I think it’s weird to make a hubbub about something if there’s nothing to really make a hubbub about. At the same time, I don’t think we’ve been a gang properly for a long time, so there’s not much to break up, I guess.

"When we play shows it’s a really fun time seeing old friends. It’s not the archetypal rock band where everyone lives in an apartment. We all live in different cities and we call each other occasionally. It’s like going to Thanksgiving."

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As Pitchfork points out, three of the five band members currently have solo projects in the works, including Bauer, fellow organist/bassist Walter Martin and frontman Hamilton Leithauser.

The Walkmen released seven studio albums over a 10-year period, with the last one, 2012's Heaven, hitting No. 30 on the Billboard 200.