Watch Alyson Stoner's Dance Tribute to Missy Elliott (Video)

The young dancer featured in three of Elliott's music videos years ago honored the rapper in an epic dance video.
"Work It"

Alyson Stoner, better known as the young dancer who showed off her moves in Missy Elliott's music videos circa 2002, paid tribute to the rapper who first jumpstarted her career in an epic dance video.

In the video, Stoner leads a group of dancers who break out into a choreographed routine to a mash up of Elliott's hit singles "Work It," "Gossip Folks" and "I'm Really Hot." Stoner herself was featured in the original music videos for all three tracks when she was just 10 years old.

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"I dedicate this video to Missy Elliott herself," she says at the end of the clip. "Missy, thank you so much for the opportunity to dance for you and now carve a path of my own."

Since her debut dancing alongside Elliott, Stoner has taken her moves to the big screen and starred in three films of the Step Up franchise: 2006's Step Up, 2010's Step Up 3D and 2014's Step Up: All In.

Watch the dance tribute below.

And check out a young Stoner in some of Missy Elliott's earlier music videos: