Watch Lorde Actually Sing the 'South Park' Tune That Mocks Her

Don't be surprised if it gets stuck in your head
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Lorde is a surprisingly good sport about her South Park doppelganger. 

The 17-year-old singer responded to the show's recent song parody of her by gamely performing the tune in an interview with New Zealand's TV3.

The song, which was first heard in the Oct. 1 episode "Gluten Free Ebola," doesn't have the most complex lyrics, but Lorde actually manages to make it sound good. That said, its quite a bit different from the new number of hers that will be heard on the Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1 soundtrack.

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Lorde at first appeared baffled by the South Park episode and the subsequent one that aired Oct. 8, which assert that the "Royals" singer is actually an alter ego of South Park character Randy Marsh. 

"I have officially been the subject of two South Park episodes, and that is weird and cool," she tweeted about the show that prides itself in a good celebrity takedown. 

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However, she later posted videos to Instagram from the Oct. 8 episode, sounding genuinely flattered by the shout-out. Lorde referred to the clips, in which a character credits the pop star for being who she is, as "surprisingly cute" and "downright sweet."

Uproxx previously posted Lorde's cover.

See the episode snippets and video of Lorde singing the satirical tune below. 


this is actually surprisingly cute - and from what i can tell also has a message of transgender acceptance (i'm still very new with this type of humour so i'm not sure if was actually genuine but it seemed so to me)

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