Watch Stevie Wonder Speak on Ferguson, Eric Garner, Gun Control at Seattle Concert

Stevie Wonder Performing - H 2014
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Stevie Wonder Performing - H 2014

Following a New York grand jury's decision Wednesday not to indict an NYPD officer involved in the apparent choke-hold death of Eric Garner for apparently selling untaxed cigarettes, Stevie Wonder still had a show to play.

During his performance at Seattle's Key Arena, Wonder spoke up before playing "Living for the City," asking the audience, "Can you believe that within one month, two grand juries — secret grand juries — declined to indict two policemen for the killing of two black men? I just don't understand that."

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"Guns are too accessible to everybody," he continued to the crowd's approval. "I do understand that something is wrong, real wrong. And we as family, Americans, all of us of all colors, need to fix it with a quickness real soon."

He then started into "Living for the City," saying, "This song is unfortunately still relevant today."

Watch it here:

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