Weird Al Yankovic Debuts 'Bad Hombres, Nasty Women' Presidential Debates Spoof Video

Weird Al Debates Spoof H 2016

"Weird Al" Yankovic weighed in on the Trump vs. Clinton battle with his "Bad Hombres, Nasty Women" video on Thursday.

The spoof from the Gregory Brothers uses the candidates' own words mixed with some of Al's political wisdom. "We have so many adversaries overseas/ Can we all agree to be frenemies?" Al croons before the candidates drone on about the economy and ISIS in their Auto-Tuned best.

The title is, of course, a reference to the two phrases uttered by Republican candidate Trump during Wednesday night's final debate, where the real estate mogul warned of "bad hombres" in reference to immigration and called Clinton a "nasty woman" near the end of the contentious 90-minute showdown.

For the record, Yankovic is not interested in a spot on the Supreme Court and he wonders if either candidate is willing to end the new Cold War by thumb wrestling Vladimir Putin. "What we really want to know is who should run the show?" he demands while singing in a burning hellscape surrounded by sad monks. 

Watch the video below.

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