Will Ferrell's Ron Burgundy and Robin Thicke Duet for 'Anchorman 2' Track (Audio)

The fake newsman recruited the "Blurred Lines" singer to cover Christopher Cross' "Ride Like the Wind" for the Paramount sequel's soundtrack.
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Who better to partner with Will Ferrell's Ron Burgundy for a silky, seductive Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues song than Robin Thicke? The fictional newscaster called on the "Blurred Lines" singer to put his upper register on Christopher Cross' "Ride Like the Wind" for the sequel's upcoming soundtrack.

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Thicke may be singing tirelessly high throughout the cover, but it's fair to call the track a duet, since Burgundy complements the singer's verses with grunts, operatic riffs and hilarious asides: When Thicke sings "I was born the son of a lawless man," Burgundy asks, "You mean Alan Thicke?"

Plus, Burgundy kicks off the song with a lengthy introduction: "Mr. Robin Thicke...any minute now...allright...here we go...take it away," and clarifies, "You're riding like the wind, for those who don't know."

But after Burgundy's spoken bridge ("That's right, folks. When Ron Burgundy rides, he rides like the wind -- not like a Subaru or a golf cart, like the God darn wind, powerful and sleek and invisible. Feel that draft up your skirt, ladies? That's me. Okay, that was creepy, I'm sorry") and a flute interlude that he calls "three feet of polished nickel, valves and my sweet breath," the newscaster stars to get competitive with Thicke and questions his musicality.

It may not be the most harmonious relationship, as only one of the two make it to the very end of the six-minute track. Reports say an accompanying music video is also in the works.

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Listen to the full track below:

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