'X Factor' Finalist Chris Rene Debuts 'Young Homie' Music Video

The Season One third-place winner premieres a music video for the song that helped catapult him into the national spotlight.
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After nabbing third place during Season One of the U.S. version of The X Factor, Chris Rene launched his professional singing career this week with the debut of his first music video. Singing “Young Homie,” a song he originally performed on the show, Rene reintroduces himself to fans via a clip that highlights his past struggles as he emphasizes a bright and successful future.

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Before his appearance on The X Factor, Rene performed vocals in the prog-rock band Diversion before entering rehab for alcohol and drug abuse. After first performing “Young Homie” September 21, 2011 on The X Factor, he informed the judges that he’d been sober for several years, and his bid for victory in the contest was a major step on the road to rehabilitation and redemption. But even after constantly reminding audience members and voters of this fact throughout the season, Rene failed to win enough sympathy to prevail over competitors Josh Kracjik and Melanie Amaro, the latter of whom took home the $5 million recording contract.

Check out the video clip, in which Rene reassures a group of tough-looking guys that they can turn around their lives, if they focus on positive things.