Yeasayer Leaks Its Own Album Via Internet Scavenger Hunt (Audio)

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Anna Palma

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Giving new meaning to the concept of keeping a record under wraps, the band beloved by bloggers and indie-minded internet trollers has decided to release their forthcoming third album Fragrant World piecemeal and essentially leak it themselves.

But the Brooklyn-based outfit isn’t handing out their new album on a silver platter. Rather, Yeasayer is releasing each track through a global internet scavenger hunt. Called the PSCYVOTV project, which stands for Preemptive Self-Commissioned Yeasayer Vorstellung or Track Visualizer, it launched Wednesday morning and of course, we just had to try and meet the challenge.

“We have received message that we are on the verge of embargoed information being leaked through the cracks of the digital universe. Once again an attempt to tell the story before our mouths can spit.” So read a mysterious letter posted on the band’s website. “Using the talents of Yoshi Sodeoka we have created a movie visual for every song on our new album Fragrant World and have them hidden all over the internet.”

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Whether you’re a Yeasayer fan or not, the concept is captivating. Eleven unreleased songs are hidden in far-off corners of the world wide web and you have to find them -- with help only from a search engine and the band’s cryptic tweets.

To unlock the locations of the tracks, we had to put on our thinking caps as the band got progressively more creative with their clues throughout the day. (Clearly, someone had lots of hurry-up-and-wait time in the studio to come up with kooky concepts.) For instance, the clue for ninth track “Damaged Goods” went something like this: "'Damaged Goods’ has found a web home” with a link to a picture of a Polish flag. Sure enough, the song was posted on the music page of the Polish web portal Onet.

OK, that one was pretty easy, but to locate “Devil and the Deed” took some digging. Yeasayer directed their followers to an upcoming gig, tweeting: “The Devil is hiding somewhere we are playing this month.” The clue landed smack dab in the middle of their August trek -- August 15, to be exact -- at the Williamsburg Music Hall in Brooklyn. Duh, we should have known. 

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So far, all but one of the album's 11 songs are live on the internet with the last expected to come before Friday, Aug. 3 when every link will be taken down. So if you're looking to play savvy web sleuth, you best hurry. As the band tells fans in their letter, “You’ll have a few days to find, listen, and most importantly, hear the album from our hands first. At 8 p.m. sharp PSCYVOTV will be removed.” 

So Yeasayer fans, feel free to start your search engines.

Fragrant World, the band's third studio album, is scheduled for release on Aug. 21 via Secretly Canadian. Listen to the song "Henrietta" below:

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