Anne Hathaway, Post Wardrobe-Malfunction, Shows Off Her Dignity

The "Les Miserables" star learns the hard way that S&M toughness isn't really her look.

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When we first saw Anne Hathaway in that black Tom Ford goth dress with gladiator boots this week -- before we read about the wardrobe malfunction photos (Hathaway climbing out of a car and unfortunately revealing she was going commando for the sake of the dress) -- our first thought was, "Really?" With her super-short waif hair, she's been dressing in such a chic demure -- even French -- way, and this was her first look that just -- well, didn't look like her

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It looked more like something Sharon Stone would have worn back in the day (the '90s day). It was just a little too Gaga-esque for the Les Mis waif. We could see Demi Moore going for an attention-getting look like this -- not an actress who doesn't have to try hard for attention.

And the fact is, Hathaway's been wearing an amazing array of lovely looks to promote both The Dark Knight Returns this summer, and now Les Miserables.

True to form, going on NBC's Today on Wednesday, she wore a simple white dress, and on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, she also wore a long-sleeved white dress and sang a Christmas tune donning a red knit scarf and cute hat, crooning with the host. She was a poster girl for cuteness.

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And at a benefit in New York that honored Hugh Jackman, Hathaway wore one of the first looks we've seen from the spring 2013 Nina Ricci collection, one of our favorite collections of spring -- a silvery pink crystal dress with beading. Against her boyish haircut, it was a real antidote of femininity and frills.

She's no doubt going to be one of the highlights of awards season -- if not the highlight.

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