Johnny Depp's 'Dark Shadows' Blood Sucker Is Creepier Than Robert Pattinson's 'Twilight' Vamp

Comparisons will be made between the two actors. But "Dark Shadows" opens in May, 2012 and we won't see the last of Pattinson in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2' until November.

Move over, Edward Cullen. The first photos of Johnny Depp as centuries-old vampire Barnabas Collins are hitting the web.

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Depps’ Dark Shadows vampire is far more traditional than Robert Pattinson’s Twilight blood-sucker. They’re obviously both pale. But while Edward sparkles in the sunlight with no ill effect, Barnabas is outfitted by Colleen Atwood with a few different hats and a pair of 100-year old sunglasses so he can cover up enough to go out in the daytime. The shades are a dark green and match the mossy hat color. Barnabas also has long creepy Nosferatu fingernails and spit curls like the character in the original ‘60s cult favorite daytime soap opera.

Atwood, a three-time Oscar winner (for Alice in WonderlandMemoirs of a Geisha and Chicago) told MTV that trust is the key to their long-standing working relationship. "There's a lot of trust there for both of us, so it's a nice process, because ... if he has an idea, it comes from someplace; it's not just some wanky fashion idea."

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She explains that he often doesn't even look in the mirror during fittings. “People would be surprised... but he really feels his costumes more than looks at them, and the movement and the feeling in them is really important."

And sometimes they do secret funny things with the costumes that only they will ever see. For instance, she and Johnny came up with the idea to write a funny anti-Queen of Hearts (played by Helena Bonham Carter) slogan -- “Down With Bighead” -- on the Mad Hatter’s shoes in Alice In Wonderland. “No one else could see it but us. But it gave us a giggle.”

Depp’s Dark Shadows wardrobe will end up archived in his Santa Monica showroom where he has stored copies of his costumes from every film he’s ever made. “He has it in contract that he gets to keep all his costumes,” Atwood tells THR.

See another picture of Depp in his vampire costume here:


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