K-Mart Pulls Sexually Suggestive Girls' Panties after Twitter Outrage

First it was crotch-less panties sold at a Kids N Teen store. Now K-Mart has pulled racy underwear off their shelves.

Bridie Jabour

Would you want your daughter wearing sparkly bright-colored underwear that read: Call me, Email Me, I Heart Rich Boys, or I Heart Boys in Uniforms? 

Probably not. Outraged parents in Australia started a Collective Shout Twitter campaign against Australian K-Marts that were stocking the salacious undies by Girl XPress.  K-Mart claimed that the underwear was aimed at  "our female youth market" and "absolutely not aimed at our female junior market." Whatever that distinction means.

But following the powerful Twitter campaign (#kmartsexploitation), K-Mart  as agreed to remove the underwear after outraged parents described the slogans as "disgusting" and "sleazy".

Melinda Tankard Reist, a spokeswoman for the group Collective Shout, said the slogans were "completely inappropriate" and that Kmart -- which positions itself as a family store -- should know better. "Why else would you put this sort of thing, such as 'call me' on underwear if you were not encouraging young women to flaunt their sexuality?" she said in the Sydney Morning Herald.    

What do you think?

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