Katherine Heigl Releases Animal Rights PSA Spoof Via Funny Or Die (Video)

In the video advertising, the actress jokingly refers to herself as a "movie star and Maxim 100 member" while promoting the neutering of cats and dogs (with a cameo from husband Josh Kelley).

Jeff Vespa/Getty Images for Elle

Move aside Bob Barker, there's a new pet-neutering activist in town. 

Katherine Heigl appears in a new video advocating for the neutering of cats and dogs for Funny or Die.

Titled "Katherine Heigl Hates Balls," the actress jokingly says she's not shilling for the cause because she loves animals, but rather, because she can't stand testicles. 

"You're probably thinking, 'Oh, she's just being cute. She probably means tennis balls or yoga balls.' Nope. I mean testicles," she says, before adding, "Unfortunately I can't cut the nuts off human men ... yet. So, I've dedicated my time to the neutering of dogs, cause that's legal." 

Her husband, Josh Kelley, also makes a special appearance at the end of the spoof. 

Heigl returns to the big screen as popular literary character Stephanie Plum in the caper comedy One For the Money Jan. 27. 

Watch the video below.

Katherine Heigl Hates Balls from Katherine Heigl

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