Kris Jenner Strikes Back in Facelift Lawsuit by Cosmetics Company

The Kardashian matriarch is counter-suing against B&P cosmetics after the company claimed her plastic surgery tarnished its brand.

Months after the B&P cosmetics brand sued spokeswoman Kris Jenner for getting a facelift, Mama Kardashian is firing back with a lawsuit of her own.

The company sued the reality mom for breach of contract in August of last year, right around the time her very public facelift was broadcast for the world to see on E!'s Keeping Up With the Kardashians; with the family's support, Jenner had a little nip and tuck before Kim Kardashian's wedding to now ex-husband Kris Humphries. Beforehand, she had inked a deal with B&P to endorse an anti-aging product dubbed "Beautiful Eyes in a Bag" to "naturally help prevent the appearance of problems on the skin around the eyes."

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The company said she ruined its image; at the time, TMZ reported Jenner sources as relaying that she felt the case had no basis, since the operation affected her neck -- not her eyes.

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According to legal documents, Jennerf finally filed a countersuit in Ohio last month. She alleges that B&P is using her plastic surgery as an excuse to break their contract when its "business continued to decline" and "used rumors published on the Internet in mid-July 2011 claiming that Kris Jenner received a 'face-lift' as pretext for terminating the parties' contracts."

Citing a double-breach (contract and covenant of good faith and fair dealing), Jenner is asking for compensatory damages and legal fees in addition to the right to hold onto her advance of $305,000; the papers said her yearlong B&P deal -- inked in February '11 -- was to yield Jenner a two percent commission on net sales of the product over a specific threshold.

Things aren't all bad in the Jenner-verse: the keeper of the Kardashian brand and empire, recently had Keeping Up With the Kardashians renewed by E! for another three seasons, via Ryan Seacrest Productions. And her daughter is dating Kanye West, which means all the more publicity and Us Weekly covers.




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