Michele Bachmann: The Politics of Fashion

GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann's campaign is in a slump, but was it something she said or something she wore. THR's FASHtrack decided to take a look in her closet.

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Michele Bachmann -- who turned in a decent but lackluster performance in Tuesday night's televised GOP debates,  is definitely losing momentum in her bid for her party's presidential candidacy. Some pundits blame Rick Perry for stealing her thunder and supporters. But others like Politico, cite her campaign turmoil, fundraising problems and ongoing public gaffes.

Sure, she's had a few little slip-ups such as saying the founding fathers ended slavery, confusing movie star John Wayne with serial killer John Wayne Gacy, blaming the democrats for the Swine Flu pandemic. It was probably a mistake to wish Elvis Presley Happy Birthday on the wrong day, and mispronounce the common Yiddish phrase Chutzah, (Choot Spa). Perhaps she should not have said that Barack Obama is creating a gangster government or accused Congress of anti-American sentiments. You can even watch videos of Bachmann's most hysterical mistakes

PHOTOS: Michele Bachmann: The Politics of Fashion

Recently, even Fox News Chris Wallace couldn't resist asking Bachmann "Are you a flake?" And during the Oct 11 televised GOP debate, she zinged Herman Cain's 9-9-9 jobs plan as being the upside down sign of the devil.  Hey, at least she didn't make the sign of the cross or splash holy water on him.

Fash Track has done our own research into the cause of Bachmann's dipping campaign. Naturally, we looked where no one else has. In her closet. Our theory? Perhaps it wasn't something she said. Perhaps it was something she wore.

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