BAFTA Fashion: Michelle Williams Follows Chanel, Victoria Beckham, Valentino With H&M?

The chic gamine and "My Week With Marilyn" star goes mass fashion for Britain's biggest film awards.

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Both Michelle Williams and her stylist Kate Young (who previously worked with a pregnant Natalie Portman through her winning awards season last year) know how to do what we'd call "measured drama" as shown by Williams' fashion choices this award season.

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The My Week With Marilyn star always looks lovely, often wears her favorite combo of black and white. But, the drama comes from the constant question, "What label will she be wearing tonight?" Though every look looks like her, they come from a broad consortium of designers and brands.

There's been a lot of Chanel this year and last (when Williams was nominated for Blue Valentine), some Valentino, now there have been two Victorai Beckhams (the black and white little dress at the BAFTA tea in Beverly Hills, and the white and blue shirt dress at the Oscar lunch) - but it's definitely going to get our attention if you follow all of this high fashion with H&M. It's a total Sharon Stone-in-GAP-at-the-Oscars moment.

This H&M Bespoke white and black strapless gown follows in the footsteps of Michelle's favorite outfit, but it's the label that catches our attention. Now, how much H&M will be sold tomorrow, we wonder...

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