A Hollywood Oscar Week Dinner Honoring Charlie Chaplin

In the year that the silent movie returns, with "The Artist" and "Hugo" leading the charge, the 40th anniversary of the Academy Honorary Award to Sir Charles Chaplin is celebrated with a dinner hosted by Harvey Weinstein.

"The Artist"
Weinstein Co.

Sir Charles Chaplin, better known in Hollywood as the famous silent film hero/clown Charlie Chaplin, is the father of modern cinema. When the invite went out that his granddaughters Dolores and Carmen Chaplin were throwing a dinner with Jaeger-Le Coultre at the Chateau Marmont on Tuesday evening in honor of the 40th anniversary of his Academy Honorary Award, gowns were picked, jewelry laid out, and champagne bottles were cracked.

Harvey Weinstein hosted two giant very long tables in the lobby of the Chateau with guests such as The Descendants' Alexander Payne, Jessica Chastain, various cast members of The Artist, including Missy Pyle, James Cromwell and Ed Lauter, Cuba Gooding Jr., Danny Huston, Andre Balasz and Chelsea Handler, Kate Bosworth and Laurence Fishburne. 

Chastain was the woman of the hour, in a gorgeous kelly green chiffon Elie Saab gown with pleats all through it and a belted waist. Guests were wondering what Payne was doing there -- as Descendants star George Clooney is the direct competition to The Artist's Jean Dujardin, which is of course Harvey Weinstein's big Oscar hopeful movie. But Payne gave a great speach about his love for Chaplin, and how revered he is among filmmakers. And the gracious director didn't even seem to have a competitive edge with Weinstein, as it turns out. But then, the Oscar ballots are in now, aren't they?

Turns out, Dolores and Carmen Chaplin helped bring initial attention to The Artist when they hosted events for the film at its release. Weinstein made note of a debt of gratitude he owes them for that. 

Most guests did do a tip of the hat to 1920s attire -- not only was it evening-specific -- it's also the fashion trend of the moment -- black gowns, jet long necklaces, and wavy hair are everywhere, not just on screen, right now.

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