'Rock of Ages' Movie Inspires a New Line of Def Leppard T-Shirts

The Lyric Culture T-shirt line has teamed up with the veteran metal band to create men's and women's tees.

Def Leppard? We haven't heard that name since, well, the big-haired '80s. But it turns out that this is the metal band that inspired a lot of the performances in the new movie (and stage musical) Rock of Ages, opening in two weeks. Tom Cruise plays a heavy metal hot shot who sets off a wave of heavy guitar power chords, ripped T-shirts, tight jeans -- and inspires enough hysteria to have Catherine Zeta-Jones want to shut down the whole metal scene.

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Now Def Leppard is cashing in on this new wave of probable interest, since the movie's expected to be a summer hit. Not only has the band teamed up with T-shirt line Lyric Culture to create a line of women's and men's tees, but they're showing them at what is being called a "unique private pre-Rock of Ages premiere event" on June 7, where the band will show off the new shirts with so-called "top models" in West Hollywood.

The invite says there will be celebrity attendees, which one hopes would be castmembers from the movie -- but will Cruise show up? We kind of doubt it. This is a pretty big stretch of a connection to the movie -- but all's fair in Hollywood and fashion, right?

What do you think?

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