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Animals Were Harmed: Hollywood's Nightmare of Death, Injury, and Secrecy Exposed | Hollywood Reporter Exclusive

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Animals Were Harmed
Research Documents
Public American Humane Association Material

PDF_ICONGuidelines for the Safe Use of Animals in Filmed Media
PDF_ICON“Protect Your Ass” brochure for industry productions

Confidential American Humane Association Material

This selection of AHA internal database incident file notes pertaining to productions discussed in THR’s investigation displays a variety of visual formats. The range is due to the fact that the software was updated over time. The notes also may appear to be laid out differently due to the way they were sorted.

PDF_ICONEquine illness, injury and death stat sheet for 2001-2006
PDF_ICONEight Below database notes
PDF_ICONLife of Pi Email
PDF_ICONPirates of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl database notes
PDF_ICONFailure to Launch database notes
PDF_ICONSon of the Mask database notes
PDF_ICONThere Will Be Blood database notes

HBO Luck Material

PDF_ICONHBO’s Luck Racing Protocols & Safety Procedures
PDF_ICONLt. Arteaga’s Pasadena Humane Society investigation
PDF_ICONL.A. County D.A.’s charge evaluation worksheet for trainer and vet
PDF_ICONBarbara Casey’s lawsuit against HBO, Stewart Productions and the AHA
PDF_ICONThe California Horse Racing Board’s necropsy for Outlaw Yodeler
PDF_ICONThe California Horse Racing Board’s necropsy for Marc’s Shadow

Trainer Sid Yost Material

PDF_ICONCurrent professional resume
PDF_ICONThe USDA’s March 2012 complaint against Sid Yost
PDF_ICONYost’s September 2013 court filing in opposition to the USDA complaint