'2000 AD' Celebrates 30th Anniversary of 'Sláine' with New Collection

The British comic book barbarian gets a hardcover collection complete with cover gallery, historical commentary and new Simon Bisley artwork for his birthday.
Clint Langley/2000AD/Rebellion

There's much more to long-running British anthology series 2000 AD than its most high-profile character Judge Dredd. This year sees the 30th anniversary of another of its characters, the celtic barbarian Sláine -- imagine Conan, but with more of a sense of humor and less of a sense of self-censorship -- celebrated next month with the publication of a new hardcover edition bringing the character's best-known artists together for an all-new story.

Sláine: The Book of Scars doesn't just collect the recent serial of the same name that ran in 2000 AD, but also additional material to commemorate the anniversary of the fan-favorite, including a gallery of every 2000 AD cover featuring the character, commentary from British comic creators and fans of the strip on its history, and even an afterward by television writer Graham Linehan.

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The "Book of Scars" storyline, meanwhile, is a slyly subversive take on the idea of a greatest hits story, written by the character's co-creator Pat Mills, with art by Judge Dredd's Mick McMahon, Preacher cover artist Glenn Fabry, Simon Bisley and Clint Langley. As an introduction to Sláine, it's everything you could want: Funny, violent and simultaneously entirely irreverent and yet oddly authentic when it comes to actual history -- as long as you ignore the time-traveling and demonic elements, of course.

Sláine: The Book of Scars will be released next month.