2000AD Lines Up New 'Dredd' Projects

Publisher announced an illustrated screenplay and second comic book sequel to the 2012 Karl Urban vehicle based on the long-running British character.

While prospects for a movie sequel to 2012’s Dredd may remain somewhat distant, 2000AD is ensuring that fans of the Karl Urban movie have something to enjoy during what could end up being a particularly long wait. Or, more appropriately, two things.

Announced at this past weekend’s Emerald City Comic-Con in Seattle, Washington, July’s Dredd: Illustrated Movie Script and Visuals will feature two different versions of the pre-production screenplay to the movie by Alex Garland: the original and a comic book adaptation created for financiers and crew by longtime 2000AD artist Jock to give an idea of the aesthetics of the finished movie.

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In an introduction to the book, Garland says that Jock’s artwork for the movie “were one of the quickest and most effective way of conveying the look and tone of the project. When — a very long time later — the picture was locked, I could see his input had pervaded the film at all levels.” The book will be available from comic book retailers and bookstores in paperback, with a limited edition hardcover exclusively available from the 2000AD site.

Also, quietly announced in a Reddit chat last week, a second comic book sequel to the movie will begin this July in the monthly Judge Dredd Megazine series, titled “Uprise.” The first sequel, “Underbelly,” sold out of its first U.S. release earlier this year.