'24' Showrunner, 'Final Destination' Director and Alloy to Fight Robots in '2084' (Exclusive)

2084 Howard Gordon James Wong 2011
Howard Gordon and James Wong conceived the "1984"-meets-"Terminator" project, which is being developed simultaneously as a film and a young adult book series.

Alloy Entertainment is partnering with 24 showrunner Howard Gordon and writer-director James Wong for a sci-fi project titled 2084.

The project is being developed simultaneously as a film and a young adult book series, with HarperCollins buying the three-tome series.

Gordon and Wong conceived the project, with the books being written by debut author Gregg Rosenblum. Gordon and Wong will also continue to work with Alloy and Rosenblum on the novels while developing the film with Alloy execs.

Pitched as a sort of 1984 meets The Terminator, the story is set in the late 21st century, a time where robots, once created to aid humans and fight wars, now control the population’s every move.

Alloy’s Leslie Morgenstein and Bob Levy will produce the film version, with Gordon and Wong serving as executive producers.

Gordon is best known for showrunning 24, the real-time anti-terrorism thriller that was a staple on Fox for most of the 2000s. He also worked on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spinoff, Angel, as well as The X-Files. Gordon, who became an author earlier this year with the publication of his debut titled Gideon's War, also is the co-creator and executive producer of the upcoming Showtime thriller Homeland, starring Claire Danes, and he executive produces the upcoming NBC drama series Awake, created by The Beaver scribe Kyle Killen.

Wong, who directed Final Destination and Final Destination 3, most recently was a writer and co-exec producer on NBC’s cancelled sci-fi series The Event.

2084 is the third Alloy property to get traction in as many weeks. Last week it set up, with Fake Empire, its book series The Luxe at Paramount, and before that it began developing The Robot with writer Joe Ballarini.

The company is best known for its TV fare, which includes Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, and Pretty Little Liars.

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