'300: Rise of an Empire' Trailer Recut With Internet Comments (Video)

Take the original promo for "300: Rise of an Empire," add the YouTube comments for said trailer, and what do you get? The greatest pullquotes ever to appear in a movie trailer, apparently.

300: Rise of an Empire opens in theaters today, but it's difficult to imagine how the finished movie could compete with its first trailer, at least in the eyes of overly excitable Internet commenters.

Instead of the usual pull quotes from movie critics, What's Trending re-edited the trailer for Noam Murro's Spartan sequel with genuine comments from the original trailer's YouTube page, including such incisive insights as "Who's the guy with the blue cape or whatever color?" and "My nipples get hard when I watch this trailer!!!!"

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Never before has so much CGI'd historical drama been undercut so completely by inane commentary. If this is how they reacted to the trailer, who can imagine how excited they'll be to see the full movie? Watch the video below.