'It' 8-Bit Online Game Puts You in Control of the S.S. Georgie

It's time to pilot the paper boat through the sewers as you evade Pennywise the clown.
Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Now you really can float, too. 

As part of a new marketing campaign for the upcoming film It, based on author Stephen King's 1986 novel, Warner Bros. has released an 8-bit online game that allows users to control the ill-fated S.S. Georgie as it sails along the sewers of Derry, Maine.

In the game players control the paper boat via directional keys on their keyboard as they collect floating red balloons and avoid oncoming sewer pipes and the devilish clown Pennywise. 

The online game is the latest in a marketing push by the studio for the upcoming film, following the opening of a pop-up haunted house in Hollywood last weekend modeled after the film and novel's house on Neibolt St., the lair of the eponymous "It."

It hits theaters on Sept. 8. And play the game here.