'A Good Day to Die Hard' Trailer: Bruce Willis is Back as John McClane, Again (Video)

Die Hard 5 Trailer Screengrab - H 2012
<p>Die Hard 5 Trailer Screengrab - H 2012</p>
The latest installment in the action series debuts a first clip that acts as a supercut of chaos.

Here's what we know about A Good Day to Die Hard, the fifth film in the cannon of gritty, death-defying badass John McClane: There are lots of explosions. Buildings explode, helicopters explode, and streets explode.

Also: McClane now has a son (Jai Courtney), to go along with the daughter (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) that he had to rescue in his last film adventure, 2007's Live Free or Die Hard. The casting of his son had enough drama to fill its own film, by the way.

This latest outing brings McClane, the "007 of Plainfield, NJ," as he fancies himself, to Russia, where he encounters an unusually attractive biker woman who does not feel comfortable in her leather bodysuit. That's about all we know for now, but really, judging by those guns and booms, it's really all you need to know.

A Good Day to Die Hard hits theaters on Valentine's Day.