Marvel Teases 'Absolute Carnage' Storyline Coming in August

The 'Venom'-centric event will be teased in Marvel's Free Comic Book Day release ahead of the full story launching this summer.
Ryan Stegman/Marvel

Marvel Entertainment’s first comic book event storyline of 2019 hasn’t even started yet, but the publisher has already announced its second, with Absolute Carnage — a spinoff from the fan-favorite Venom comic book series — being unveiled at C2E2.

Teased last month and revealed during a video presentation retailer panel at the Chicago convention, Absolute Carnage will receive a prologue in Marvel’s Free Comic Book Day release Spider-Man/Venom No. 1 — released May 5 — before beginning in earnest later this summer. The series will reunite Donny Cates with artist Ryan Stegman, the creative team behind the best-selling initial issues of the current Venom comic book series.

Absolute Carnage encompasses every single character who has ever worn a symbiote and every symbiote that has ever been, going all the way back to when Peter found the black suit,” Cates explained in the video launch for the project, referencing the comic book origins of the Venom franchise in 1984’s Marvel Super Heroes: Secret Wars. “Going from there to [1990s storyline] Maximum Carnage to [last year’s miniseries] Venomized to everything…everyone is a target.”

He’s not joking; by this point in Marvel comics mythology, it’s harder to find a superhero who hasn’t bonded with Venom or one of his offshoots than it is to find one who has.

The announcement of Absolute Carnage for August means that, with the Thor spinoff War of the Realms event storyline wrapping in June, there will be just one month break between storylines that require readers to buy multiple series to get the whole story. (War of the Realms runs over 50 comic book issues in a three-month time span; it's unclear at this point how big Absolute Carnage will be.)

Absolute Carnage launches in August.