Superman Returns to Classic Look For Landmark 'Action Comics' No. 1000

Action 1000 Cover - Publicity - P 2018
Courtesy of Jim Lee/DC Entertainment
The anniversary issue will feature contributions from Brian Michael Bendis, Richard Donner and Curt Swan.

Come April, Superman is going back to basics — at least when it comes to one important element of his costume.

To celebrate Action Comics No. 1000 — a landmark number for an American comic book series — DC Entertainment’s premier superhero regains his red trunks for the first time since his makeover in 2011 as part of the company-wide New 52 reboot. The cover for the issue, by DC Entertainment co-publisher Jim Lee, unveils the Man of Steel’s new costume.

The supersized issue will feature stories from a number of creators, including the first new DC work of writer Brian Michael Bendis, who joined the company last November after almost two decades at Marvel. Other creators who’ll be contributing to the issue include DC CCO Geoff Johns, Superman director Richard Donner, novelist Brad Meltzer, current Batman writer Tom King and many more.

The issue will also feature previously unpublished artwork from iconic Superman artist Curt Swan, who drew the character from 1948 until his death in 1996 and is regarded by many as the definitive Superman artist.

In a statement from the company, DC co-publisher Dan DiDio said, “The one-thousandth issue of ACTION COMICS is an incredible milestone in pop culture and a testament to the vision of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Without this book, along with Siegel and Shuster’s fertile imaginations and boundless creativity, the superhero’s place in literature may have been wildly different, if not altogether nonexistent.”

Action Comics No. 1000 will be released April 18 digitally and in comic book stores.