'Action Presidents' Signed for Four Book Deal by Harper Collins

Action Presidents Washington - P 2015
<p>Action Presidents Washington - P 2015</p>   |   Ryan Dunlavey/Evil Twin
Biographical series is "dissenting side to the story of our country"

The lives of the great American presidents are about to get a lot more exciting with the news that Harper Collins has signed Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey for a four-book deal to bring their digital comic series Action Presidents to print, beginning in 2017.

Action Presidents, which follows the pair's self-published Action Philosophers series, tells the life stories of a number of U.S. presidents with a somewhat sensational flair. The digital version of the series debuted on the ComiXology platform in Nov. 2013, focusing on George Washington, who is depicted on the cover holding a chainsaw in one hand and an axe in the other, shouting "You're next!" at the viewer.

In an interview supporting the series' digital launch, Van Lente — whose work includes runs on Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man, Valiant's critically acclaimed Archie & Armstrong and the original comic book that served as inspiration for the movie Cowboys and Aliensdescribed Action Presidents as "our dissenting side of the story of our country, which paradoxically uses the comics medium to tell a much truer story of our first executives than what you get in textbooks."

Harper Collins' Action Presidents series will launch in summer 2017 with the first two books in the series.

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