Adam Driver Remembers Carrie Fisher's "Generous Energy," Talks Tragic Loss

The actor, who appeared with Fisher in 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens,' said the last time he saw Fisher was in character as Princess Leia on the set of the next 'Star Wars' film.
YouTube/The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

On Thursday night's Late Show, Adam Driver took a few minutes to remember his late Star Wars colleague Carrie Fisher.

Host Stephen Colbert, a huge Star Wars fan himself, said he was sorry for Driver's loss and recalled how Fisher had appeared on The Late Show before Christmas, saying it was "an honor to finally get to talk to her." He asked Driver, who played villain Kylo Ren opposite Fisher's Leia in The Force Awakens, what it was like to work with her.

He remembered her as a dynamic force, the loss of which he said is "a tragedy."

"As you can kind of tell from meeting her, she burns very bright and has such a great, very generous energy," Driver said of Fisher. "For that suddenly not to be on set … or just in life, when you see her around at a Star Wars event or anywhere, to have her character not part — not just her character in the movie but her character — kind of missing from that very small unit is a tragedy."

Driver said that the last time he saw Fisher was "on set being Princess Leia" while shooting the next Star Wars movie, which has now finished filming.

Colbert and Driver also thumb wrestled with mini lightsabers.

Watch Driver's full interview, including his comments about Fisher, starting at the 6:30 mark, below.