Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman Revealed! (Pic)

A picture is worth a thousand words. So I'll let the picture speak for itself.





While there's a lot of buzz about the new Wonder Woman TV show, being interpreted by David E. Kelly, there's also a lot of criticism.

The new show, from the leaked pilot script, sees the Amazonian princess juggling three different identities, act like vigilante, be strong but not super-strong, and commiserate over drinks how she can't meet a decent guy. (In what world would someone like Palicki have trouble getting a guy?!)

Still, the show is shaping up to have a great casting, with Elizabeth Hurley as a guest star villainess. (But on the flip side, the show seems to be taking its cues from the failed Catwoman TV show by having a whole corporate angle.)

Now comes the first look of Palicki in costume, which is causing further divide. Already many are saying it's too trashy, too bad porn-y.

Early pics of actors in super hero costumes never make fans happy. From the first look of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine to last year's EW cover of Ryan Reynolds in the Green Lantern suit, howls and fouls are heard.

What people have to realize is that no one ever looks good just standing around in a costume. But someone in action, jumping, running, fighting? Whole different ballgame.