Anime Hit 'Aggretsuko' Rocks Into Mobile Games (Exclusive)

Aggretsuko Main - Publicity - H 2019
Courtesy of Sanrio
Sanrio's death metal-loving red panda has come to iOS and Android devices.

Sanrio and the game platform MomentSQ have partnered to bring the popular anime character Aggretsuko Retsuko to mobile devices.

The new interactive story game will launch Wednesday on iOS, with future releases planned for Android devices, Amazon, Steam and Nintendo Switch. The game is billed as a "player-driven narrative experience" which presents its story and gameplay through an instant messaging app where players can build friendships with familiar faces from the Aggretsuko universe such as Director Gori, Ms. Washimi and, of course, the death metal-loving Retsuko. The story will be rolled out in various chapters, available for purchase as they launch over the coming weeks.

"We had to decide early on if we were to adapt directly from the Netflix series or to create an extension of the story," says the game's executive producer LK Shelley. "We ended up opting for a plot that was 'inspired by' the anime but was faithful to the story bible from Sanrio."

The game's team of five writers (who come from a variety of backgrounds, including television and games) have been working on the new offering in the Aggretsuko universe since last year.

"I think we can all somewhat relate to the office workspace," Shelley says of the franchise's appeal. "The overall storyline of Aggretsuko, alongside the character dynamic, is incredibly humorous. Fans can expect a lot of witty banter and gossip."

Aggretsuko headlines the launch of MomentSQ, a new platform developed by AVM Lab aimed at creating story-based games across various genres, both from popular licensed IP and new franchises. 

The Aggretsuko Retsuko character was created by Sanrio, the Japanese company behind the pop culture mainstay Hello Kitty. Aggretsuko first debuted in a musical comedy series on the Tokyo Broadcasting System in 2016. Netflix launched a new adaptation of the show on its platform worldwide in 2018. The streamer earlier this year renewed Aggretsuko for a third season and, earlier this month, a series of comic books based on the character was announced for next year, courtesy of Oni Press and creators Daniel Barnes and D.J. Kirkland.

"With Netflix and Sanrio forging a longer-term partnership on Aggretsuko, it means that we will have more content to lean on and better market exposure, too," says Shelley. "Our game series debuts with the pilot, and it will continue to roll out more episodes over the coming weeks, with some surprises planned as well."