Airline Plans 'Star Wars'-Branded Transpacific Flights

Star Wars Jet - H 2015
<p>Star Wars Jet - H 2015</p>   |   Courtesy of ANA
These are the jets you're looking for.

True Star Wars fans are going to find their quests to take advantage of all promotions for this winter's Star Wars: The Force Awakens getting just a little bit more expensive very soon.

Japanese airliner ANA is adding two new Force Awakens-themed liveries to their fleet, launching later this year.

The two new designs will feature BB-8, the new droid from the J.J. Abrams-directed movie; one, which will appear on a Boeing 777-300ER jet, will feature the same orange-and-gray design as the character, while a Boeing 767-300 will mix BB-8's iconography with that of R2-D2, the fan-favorite droid from the original and prequel trilogies.

Another jet featuring an R2-D2-only design, announced in April, will start transpacific flights in October; the combined R2/BB-8 jet will begin flights in winter, with the BB-8-specific jet launching next spring.

It's not only the outside of the planes that will appeal to Star Wars fans: ANA will be adding all six of the current Star Wars titles to a movie catalog on its international flights.

More information on the planes can be found here.