Alan Moore Returns to Monthly Comics With 'Crossed: +100'

'Watchmen' author will pen six-issue spinoff of independent horror title
Gabriel Andrade/Avatar Press
'Watchmen' author will pen six-issue spinoff of independent horror title

New Alan Moore comic book material has become increasingly rare in recent years, with the writer concentrating on his prose novel Jerusalem and his sole ongoing series, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. All the more surprising, then, for Avatar Press to announce an all-new comic from the Watchmen and V for Vendetta writer, spinning out of its ongoing horror series Crossed.

The six-part project, titled Crossed: +100, will take place a century after the original outbreak of a plague that reduces all those infected to their base, most evil desires and reveal what happens to humanity after it has lost the basis of civilized society.

“I think people think of Crossed as a horror story, and I can see why. It is extremely horrible,” Moore said in a statement about the project, “[but] I was thinking that Crossed is actually a science fiction story that has got a really, really high horror quotient. So that was the way that I started approaching it.”

Preacher author Garth Ennis, who created the Crossed concept with his original 2008 series, added his own statement, saying, “So it turns out Jimi Hendrix wants to play in my band. He wants to sing songs. I don’t usually worry about vindication, but Alan is probably the one person whose opinion would be enough to change my mind about what I do,” adding that having Moore write for the concept “means everything to me.”

Crossed: +100, illustrated by Gabriel Andrade, launches in December.