Alan Taylor Talks 'Terminator' Reboot

"Thor: The Dark World" director won't say whether he's directing the reboot, but he has ideas on how it should be approached nonetheless.

Thor: The Dark World's Alan Taylor hasn't officially admitted that he's attached to the reboot of the Terminator movie franchise yet, but that hasn't stopped him from talking about how he'd approach the reboot if, you know, it wasn't just a rumor.

"I think that's a specific case of two wonderful films at the beginning and two films that came later that were less wonderful," Taylor told the Film School Rejects website during Thor promotions when asked about the Terminator series.

"The funny thing is, those [first] two films could not be more different from each other. The first one was more of a low-budget horror movie, while the second one was more an amazingly well-produced, glossy thriller with a sci-fi concept. They were both so successful, so there are certain things you learn from them. If you're going to try and enter the franchise, you better try to come in at that level."

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Talking to /Film, Taylor cited Christopher Nolan's Batman movies as a possible model for the reboot. "Tim Burton's first Batman is just glorious. And by the time it got around to nipples on costumes and all that stuff, it sort of lost its way," he said. "And for Nolan to come in and say, 'I respect this material so much, I'm going to take it up to here,' that's a great inspiration. I think any version, whoever is directing Terminator, would be very respectful and serve the first two and probably feel a bit more freedom by the end."

Yes, Alan. "Whoever is directing Terminator" -- that's the way to do it. Keep those cards close to your chest …