Frightening 'Alien: Covenant' Comic-Con Experience Turns You Into a Colonist

Alien: Covenant Still Katherine Waterston - Publicity - H 2017
Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox
This training program is not for the squeamish.

The Alien experience came to life at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. The Alien: Covenant Colonist Certification Test activation exposed fans to the harshest of Alien environments to see if they're up for the task of being an Alien Planet Colonist.

When you first enter the attraction, you have received very little information from the testing crew. However, the room is full of television monitors, so you can see the action from any angle.

The crew is purposefully vague, informing you that you are about to enter a test environment to see if you are up to the task of colonial work. The mystery is the activation's best asset, as you have no idea what's going to happen once you step in. Fair warning: If you have yet to see Alien: Covenant, this is an attraction you should steer clear of, as it spoils most of the character deaths in the film.

When you first walk in to the test environment, you stand in place in a room and are subjected to a training video. The most interesting surprise is that the actor on the training video is also in the room with you. Much praise must be given to the actor, who is never said to be an android, yet it is made apparent by his robotic actions that he is indeed not human. He stays in character even when you ask him questions, explaining you will be tested to see if you can handle the terrors of space flight.

The training video actor steps away, and the screens begin to show most of the kills in Alien: Covenant. The room moves slightly, and air is blown at you from different angles around the room. The attempt there is to project sensory overload, but don't expect to be too frightened by this, unless the gore of the film unsettles you.

After a few minutes of this, you will be cleared into the final room. Once again you are subjected to a training video, with the actor in the same room. Behind you is a door that has a window. While he explains to us that we've passed the test, there's a suspicious feeling that something about the door is going to scare us. (I was standing clear.)

Before we pass the certification test, the man in the training video says a life form has been detected in the room. An actress then smacks up against the opposite side of the window, begging for help. Unfortunately for her, we in the room can only stand there doing nothing. After about 10 seconds, she turns away from us and “blood” splatters on the window. After that we are released back into Comic-Con, having to pretend we haven't just seen a human being viciously killed in front of us.

Alien: Covenant will be released Aug. 15 on Blu-ray Disc and DVD.