'Alien: Covenant' Honest Trailer Can't Get Over Michael Fassbender's Flute

The actor turned heads by playing two androids in summer's most intimately captivating scene.

The characters in Alien: Covenant didn't always make the best decisions, and Honest Trailers just can't let that slide.

The film, which opened in May, follows the crew of the Covenant, a colonist ship traveling to a faraway world to begin a new life. Unfortunately for them, they make a detour to a different planet after hearing a transmission, and that turns out to be a deadly mistake as that planet is home to deadly Xenomorphs.

"Maybe these aren't colonists. Maybe Earth has a secret program to deport the world's biggest morons," the narrator of the Honest Trailer says after enumerating some of the character's movie sins. Among their poor decisions in the Ridley Scott film:

— going into quarantine rooms with aliens in them

— abandoning their mission because they heard a John Denver song

— trusting a robot who loves aliens

But the Honest Trailer reserves its largest chunk of time to dissect the much-talked-about flute scene between the androids David and Walter, both played by Michael Fassbender and in which the older model teaches his younger counterpart how to play. Or as the narrator says, the pair are "so full of themselves, the literally can't keep their fingers off each other's flute."