'Alien' Turned Into Stage Production by New Jersey High School

The sets and costumes are incredibly detailed and appear to be almost exact replicas of those from the Ridley Scott film that spawned a massive franchise.
'Alien' (1979)

A high school drama club in North Bergen, New Jersey, put on a production of Alien last week — and social media users are amazed at how good it turned out. 

Photos and video from the North Bergen High School Drama Club production of the 1979 horror/sci-fi classic spread like wildfire over the weekend. 

The sets and costumes are incredibly detailed and appear to be almost exact replicas of those from the Ridley Scott film that spawned a massive franchise. 

One of the videos posted to social media showed the climax of the play/film when Ellen Ripley (played in the franchise films by Sigourney Weaver) kills the xenomorph by blowing it out of the ship's airlock. 

Along with the stage elements, the actual film was shown on a huge screen above the production. 

Even the official Twitter account for the Fox (now Disney) film took notice. 

"We are impressed! 40 years and still going strong..." tweeted the verified @AlienAnthology account. 

Watch some of the production below.