'Aliens vs. Predator' Once More for Dark Horse Comics

"Aliens vs. Predator" to be among the titles resurrected by Dark Horse as part of widescale relaunch of 20th Century Fox's movie sci-fi properties.

Dark Horse Comics is planning a full-scale relaunch of 20th Century Fox's Aliens and Predator franchises -- including concepts introduced in Ridley Scott's Prometheus -- and, as you'd expect, Alien Vs. Predator is right in the middle of everything.

Comic Book Resources talked to writer Chris Sebela, who'll be writing the AVP portion of the comic book relaunch, and he explained the scale of what lies ahead for the two science-fiction franchises. "All the books are interrelated, so my book will be as much a lynchpin as the rest of the books," Sebela said, revealing that the relaunch was created "in a writer's room format, with several writers and editors sitting around breaking both the overall story and each books' individual story."

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Sebela promised that the AVP series "won't just be page upon page of predators and aliens silently beating the hell out of each other," but will have more of a character hook for the reader -- and himself. "Every horror story, every action movie, you need someone to care about, even if they're not necessarily people you'd want to hang out with -- they're alive enough for you to see a little bit of what makes them tick and how that drives them to react to a wall of teeth and claws coming at them," he said. "We've got that in AVP, but I think without drifting towards the modern tendency to cram the round peg humans into the square hole spotlight of stories where the draw is something far more interesting and fantastical."

The release schedule for Dark Horse's Aliens vs. Predator relaunch has yet to be announced, but Sebela promised it'd be worth the wait. "I'm not super interested in taking the old concepts and polishing them up for a new audience," he said. "I want to take a lifetime of thinking about and being scared of these things and make the best book I can, the kind of story I dreamed about whenever people dangled the idea of aliens fighting predators."