'Altered Carbon' Author Richard K. Morgan Tackling Graphic Novel

Altered Carbon cover - Ferran Sellares Dynamite Entertainment - Publicity-H 2019
Courtesy of Ferran Sellares/Dynamite Entertainment
'Altered Carbon: Download Blues' will see the creator return to the lives of Takeshi Kovacs.

Future PI Takeshi Kovacs has made a career of moving between bodies, and now the star of Richard K. Morgan’s cult sci-fi series Altered Carbon is moving between mediums once again, going from prose to Netflix and now to comic books, with Dynamite Entertainment announcing a brand-new graphic novel for this summer.

Altered Carbon: Download Blues isn’t just a big deal because of it being the first Kovacs story to be told in comics; it’s also Morgan’s first Kovacs story since 2005’s Woken Furies, the third and final installment in the original Altered Carbon series of novels. Morgan will co-write the graphic novel with fellow British sci-fi author Rik Hoskin, with Spanish artist Ferran Sellares illustrating.

"When you go to Dynamite for a sequential art incarnation of your much loved anti-hero, you know you’re not going to get short-changed. These, after all, are the guys who took on [Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s] The Boys without blinking. No compromise, no punches pulled," the writer said in a statement. "I couldn’t wish for a happier, more hard-boiled home in which to have Takeshi Kovacs make his comic book debut.”

The series will be the latest comics outing for Morgan, who has previously written two Black Widow series for Marvel, as well as a comic book series based on the video game Crisis 2, on which he was lead writer.

Although the original series of novels ended more than a decade ago, the property found new life last year with the debut of a live-action adaptation on Netflix starring Joel Kinnaman, which was popular enough not only to earn a second season, but also an animated feature further exploring the mythology of the series from Cowboy Bebop writer Dai Sato.

According to Dynamite, Altered Carbon: Download Blues will be released in May.