Amanda Plummer Joins 'Hunger Games' Sequel Catching Fire'

Amanda Plummer Hunger Games Casting - H 2012
<p>Amanda Plummer Hunger Games Casting - H 2012</p>   |   Taka Sawa
The "Pulp Fiction" actress is among the latest tributes cast for the adaptation of Suzanne Collins' second book.

The Hunger Games has found another tribute.

Lionsgate announced Tuesday that actress Amanda Plummer is set to join sequel Catching Fire as Wiress. A female tribute from District 3, forced to compete in the Hunger Games again during the Quarter Quell, Wiress' eccentricity and silence prompts her fellow competitors to nickname her "Nuts." Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence), however, recognizes her value as an ally.

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Plummer, best known for roles in Pulp Fiction and The Fisher King, is a Emmy and Tony winner.

She joins previously announced cast member Philip Seymour Hoffman, on board to play Plutarch Heavensbee. Jena Malone has also been offered the key role of Johanna Mason, another returning tribute.

Francis Lawrence is set to direct Catching Fire, with a September start date eyed for the filming. Lionsgate has scheduled the film for a Nov. 22, 2013, release.