'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Star Andrew Garfield: Superhero Is a 'Metaphor for All of Our Lives' (Video)

Emma Stone and Jamie Foxx also tell "Good Morning America" what drew them to the franchise while producers talk about re-creating Times Square on Long Island.
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Andrew Garfield

According to Spider-Man himself, Andrew Garfield, there's a little bit of the superhero in all of us.

"I love Spider-Man because the character feels like a metaphor for all of our lives in the way that we are all Peter Parker and we are all on this Earth and we are all ordinary and we all have the same struggles as each other and we all have some extraordinary powers as individuals, which is what Spider-Man represents," Garfield told Good Morning America. "And that's why I think this character is so beloved and why it's so much fun to play it."

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Amazing Spider-Man 2's stars, director and producers all braved a cold, windy New York morning (and intermittent sound problems) for an interview on the GMA studio's roof on Thursday.

Emma Stone added that it was Gwen Stacy's storyline and how she affects Peter that drew her to the franchise.

"It's really tragic and beautiful what happens to her and Peter and [it] makes such an impact on Peter's life moving forward as Spider-Man," Stone said, perhaps alluding to whether her character dies in the second film as she does in the comics.

Jamie Foxx said he liked that his character, Electro, like other Spider-Man villains doesn't start out as a bad guy.

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"I think what's great about this whole Spider-Man franchise is that all of these characters that are villains don't start out as villains," he told GMA. "I mean, [Electro's alter ego] Max Dillon, who is the first black man with a combover, he's definitely a big fan of Spider-Man, and unfortunately things don't work out."

The sequel was shot entirely in New York with producer Matt Tolmach explaining that they re-created Times Square on Long Island for some of the film's key action scenes.

Watch the Spider-Man cast's full interview below.

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