'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Viral Site Teases Crime Mob Trouble

Forget the Sinister Six -- will Spidey have to deal with entire crime families in his next movie?

We're still months ahead of the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but Sony's Daily Bugle Tumblr promo site continues to spin out its own web of narrative about criminal activity in New York City.

The latest post, attributed to Frederick Foswell -- a name that may be familiar to Spider-Fans of a certain age -- reports that "Russian mob activity [is] at an all-time high in the city," with crime spiking across all five boroughs. Tellingly, it notes that "more crime families have become involved in high-tech crimes such as the theft of microchips, processors, experimental metal alloys, and advanced weaponry."

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Whether or not this report is an introduction to the world of next year's second Marc Webb-helmed installment of the Marvel superhero movie franchise is unclear; while a criminal is quoted in the story as saying that "everything has a price. Including the head of so-called superheroes," it's possible that this story is laying groundwork not for Amazing Spider-Man 2, but the two spin-off movies Sony is working on for the franchise, both of which center around villains: Venom and Sinister Six.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is released May 2, 2014. Presumably, we'll learn if Russian crime families figure into its plot closer to that time.