'Amazing Spider-Man' Star Emma Stone on 'a Very Different Version' of Gwen Stacy (Video)

The actress told THR that Marc Webb's film provides those "tense quiet moments between two teenagers who are falling in love" by focusing on Peter Parker's first relationship.

The Amazing Spider-Man brings the return of the spidey suit to the big screen, this time being worn by Andrew Garfield. Another new face to the franchise will be Emma Stone, who will play Peter Parker’s first love, Gwen Stacy.

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The character Gwen Stacy appears in the Marvel Comics beginning in 1965. She’s Peter Parker’s first crush, preceding Mary Jane Watson, who was played by Kirsten Dunst in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man series.

The Amazing Spider-Man, which opens in theaters on July 3, focuses on Peter Parker’s (Garfield) teen years, as he searches for an explanation for his parents' disappearance and catches the eye of the smart and beautiful blonde, Gwen Stacy, in the halls of the high school.

“We go from the very beginning, when he was orphaned and all through his first love, who we met her in Spider-Man 3, but this is a very different version of Gwen,” Stone told The Hollywood Reporter. In Raimi’s third film, the character was played by Stone’s The Help co-star Bryce Dallas Howard.

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Wearing white Chanel with pink accents on the red carpet at the premiere in Westwood on Thursday night, Stone spoke to THR about what it takes to bring her comic book character to life.

"Modernizing was a major thing because she was, you know, around maybe 50 years ago,” Stone told THR on the red carpet at the premiere.

She added that she wanted to bring to the screen “all of those things that aren't necessarily happening in comics books like tense quiet moments between two teenagers who are falling in love.”

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Director Marc Webb, whose previous film 500 Days of Summer was all about love, spoke to the audience before the screening on Thursday, joking, “There are more people in this theatre than the number of people who saw 500 Days of Summer."

The director went on to call the cast, including Dennis Leary, Martin Sheen, Sally Field and Rhys Ifans, onto the stage before the film. After the screening, a street party was held in Westwood where Stone and Garfield, who are dating, stayed close throughout the night.

Watch THR’s red carpet interview with Stone above.

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