'Amazing Spider-Man' International Trailer Reveals New Scenes (Video)

Sony's reboot, starring Andrew Garfield, opens in theaters on July 3.
Columbia Pictures

The spotlight in the Marvel universe is shining brightly on The Avengers, with only a couple more weeks until the film’s release. But that doesn’t mean that the other big Marvel superhero film coming out this summer has been completely forgotten.

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A new Japanese trailer for Sony Pictures' The Amazing Spider-Man has hit the web, showing some new footage and a couple great fight scenes.

Marc Webb’s upcoming 3D reboot, starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, chronicles Peter Parker’s life as a teen.

At WonderCon in March, The Hollywood Reporter spoke to Webb, and asked him how much of an influence Sam Raimi’s trilogy about the web-slinger had on his own version, which opens in theaters in July.

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“It’s a totally independent universe, and we make different assumptions about certain parts of the character without subverting the iconography of Spider-Man,” he told THR. “There are certain obligations we have -- like he wears a suit and he gets bitten by a spider -- but the context surrounding that is new and different and set off by an event that happens years before. And it's a new story in that sense.”

Watch the new international trailer below: