'The Amazing Spider-Man' Releases New Scene in Extended Trailer (Video)

The webslinger is all that hangs between a young boy and certain peril in a clip unveiled on Monday night.

There's something about Spider-Man and bridges.

The 2002 film that opened Sam Raimi's original trilogy saw its climactic battle fought on the Queensboro Bridge, with the Green Goblin tossing Mary Jane off the Manhattan-to-Queens skyway and forcing Spidey to somehow finesse grabbing his falling girlfriend while maintaining his web hold on a dangling Roosevelt Island Tramway car.

A decade later, in Marc Webb's reboot, an unmasked Peter Parker is spinning last-second webs in an effort to save a scared boy trapped in a flaming SUV that will soon melt into the abyss and waiting river.

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The clip, which reveals a softer side of Andrew Garfield's take on the iconic character, came at the beginning a longer trailer that was premiered at the beginning of NBC's America's Got Talent. The rest of the trailer largely consisted of previously-shown footage, including much of what was shown in a piece released last week.

This past weekend, Sony unveiled a featurette that focused on Rhys Ifans' Curt Connors/Lizard character, who holds the great secrets of Peter Parker's past (and a horrible case of reptilian rage eczema).