'Amazing Spider-Man' Stills: Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone Head to Midtown High (Photos)

Andrew Garfield Amazing Spider-Man
A new batch of images from the 2012 film show off high school life for young Peter Parker, a closer look at the new web-shooters and Denis Leary's Captain Stacy.

Not to be outshone by the current crop of Christmas blockbusters, Columbia Pictures and Marvel Entertainment's Amazing Spider-Man has followed up its recent poster reveal with new stills from the 2012 film.

PHOTO: New 'Amazing Spider-Man' Teaser Poster Debuts

Stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are front and center, with additional shots revealing a close-up of Peter Parker's mechanical web-shooters -- a comic book homage and deviation from the original films -- and a first look at Denis Leary's Captain Stacy.

The photos don't dwell on the high stakes drama of the film, instead showcasing Peter and Gwen Stacy's lives at Midtown High School. One image in particular plays up the puppy love, with a blurred Stone seen walking away, while a forlorn Garfield glaces over his shoulder.

Check out the photos below: