'Amazing Spider-Man' Video Game Trailer Reveals 'Sense of Vertigo' (Video)

Andrew Garfield Amazing Spider-Man
Web-slinging will give players a strong feeling of "velocity and speed" said Brent Nicholas, executive producer of the upcoming Activision release.

If July 3 is too long for a wait to see The Amazing Spider-Man in action, the new Activision video game featuring Marvel’s wall-crawler hits stores a few weeks before the Columbia Pictures reboot graces theaters.

The new trailer gives a look at the game play, which allows Spider-Man to cling to any 3-D surface track down crime using a police scanner on his cellphone.

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“We’ve pulled the camera much closer to Spidey,” the game’s Executive Producer, Brent Nicholas, says in the trailer. “It actually gives you a much stronger sense of velocity and speed. And more than anything else, you get a sense of vertigo as you're leaping from the top of a sky scraper all the way down to the levels closer to the street.”

It’s the first Spidey game since 2010’s Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time, and as previously reported, it features the superhero's co-creator Stan Lee as a playable character, and sees Spider-Man swinging through a fully rendered Manhattan

The Amazing Spider-Man hits stores June 26 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo platforms.

Watch the video below.