'The Amazing Spider-Man' Launches Webbed Menace Viral Campaign (Video)

Sony rolls out a new video and website to build buzz for the Marc Webb-directed film.
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Sony rolls out a new video and website to build buzz for the Marc Webb-directed film.

Spider-Man stands out amongst other superheroes for being just an average kid who happens to acquire some high-flying powers, and in their new effort to spread the word about their upcoming movie based on the comic franchise, Sony is offering fans an opportunity to get in on the action themselves.

While Disney splashes huge trailers to promote The Avengers, and Warner Bros. maintains mystery over its beloved Batman franchise, the approach to selling a reboot so soon after its last edition hit theaters has required a different tact. Director Marc Webb has pitched a grittier approach for The Amazing Spider-Man than the one taken by the previous films' director, Sam Raimi, and a new website called WebbedMenace.com fits right into that plan.

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The site, which follows the film's panel at WonderCon over the weekend, features a video of NYPD captain George Stacy (Denis Leary) lamenting the appearance of the wall-crawler, who has been spotted at the scenes of crimes throughout the city. In a faithful update of the comics, the clip appears to be from a cable channel run by The Daily Bugle, the newspaper helmed by spider-hater J. Jonah Jameson.

Working to integrate the fan community, the site asks for people to email photos from any sort of Spider-Man sighting (which, of course, they will have created on their own), and will offer a gallery of the best fan-made scenes. There is also a telephone number that people can call, though that just directs people back to the website.

This effort follows the introduction of the first full clip from the film, which launched late last month. The Amazing Spider-Man, starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, hits theaters on July 3rd.

  • Jordan Zakarin