Azzarello, AfterShock Team To Create 'American Monster'

American Monster - P 2015
<p>American Monster - P 2015</p>   |   Juan Doe/AfterShock Comics
'100 Bullets' creator will write new comic book series about "modern-day Frankenstein."

Brian Azzarello has become an increasingly important creator for DC Entertainment in recent years, moving from creator-owned work for the publisher's Vertigo imprint like 100 Bullets (recently optioned by New Line) to mainstream superhero titles like Wonder Woman and, starting next month, collaborating with Frank Miller on the third Dark Knight installment. His latest project, however, sees him working with upstart company AfterShock Comics to create a true American Monster.

The series, illustrated by Juan Doe, is described by the publisher as the story of Theo Montclare, a soldier changed by his experience as a soldier and returning home after leaving the military. "Horribly scarred and disfigured during his tour of duty, Theo returns to the small Northwestern town that was once his home a changed man, transformed emotionally and physically, both in appearance and in perception," the official description of the series explains. "But is he a returning hero or a modern day Frankenstein?"

Arguably the most high-profile of the company's initial launches, American Monster follows December's launch quartet of superhero comedy Superzero, Victorian horror series Insexts, sci-fi actioneer Replica and WWII tale Dreaming Eagles.

AfterShock formed in April, with former DC and Marvel editor Mike Marts as editor-in-chief. The company's mission statement, he said at the time, was to create "the next evolutionary step in comic books." Additionally, the company plays to release a short story collection including work by Neil Gaiman and Jim Starlin, creator of Marvel's Thanos character.

American Monster will launch in Jan. 2016.